1. This permit allows the foreign husband or wife of a Malaysian citizen to work in Malaysia without having to change his or her Social Visit Pass to Employment Pass.
  2. It is conditional upon the spouse obtaining work approval from the Immigration Department in the form of endorsement on the Passport or travel document.
  3. The endorsement is free.
  4. It entitles the holder to work in any legal profession.
  5. The application is made at the Visa, Pass & Permit Division at the Immigration Headquarter or State Immigration Office.
  6. The application must be submitted together with a copy the appointment letter, company registration evidence, marriage certificate and a valid Long Term Social Visit Pass.



  1. The marriage is legally binding under the Malaysian Law
  2. The applicant is eligible to be given Long Term Social Visit Pass or has already been issued one as a spouse to a Malaysian.
  3. The employment, business or occupation doesn’t contravene Malaysian law.
  4. Permission to engage in such activities must be endorsed on the applicant’s Passport by the Director General of Immigration or other authorised officer.
  5. The applicant has fulfilled the requirements specified in the Social Visit Pass and those attached to the permission for the activities.