This is the package if you’re merely opening a company without relocating anybody to Malaysia. For a fee, you may appoint us as your Nominee Director and Shareholder.

The most commonly used vehicle for business, it is a company where the liability of the members are limited to the amount of shares not yet paid. It cannot offer its shares to the public and its shareholders must not be more than 50. Having a separate legal entity from its members, it can do such acts like opening bank account and acquiring property on its own as if it is a human being. The requirements to open a Sendirian Berhad company are as follows;

  1. Minimum 2 shareholders,
  2. Minimum 2 Directors, and
  3. 1 Company Secretary (which will be us)


The Companies Act requires the company’s Directors to be resident within Malaysia, and for that proof of address must be shown. That’s why the practice is that we must be appointed as the Director first if you haven’t yet resided here. After the company has been incorporated, we will resign and then appoint you as the new Director once you have relocated here.

After the incorporation the company is required by the Companies Act to be maintained annually. The maintenance fees for the first year are included in the package price, while fees for the subsequent years must be paid annually. It must,

  1. Lodge an Annual Return every year,
  2. Lodge its Audited Account every year and
  3. Lodge returns whenever any change is made.