Our whole range of corporate services are designed to let you do what you do best, i.e. to grow your business. These services free you up from having to attend to tedious administrative and secretarial works, allowing you not only to comply with the laws but also to avoid costly penalties. Our one-stop corporate services have consistently helped small and medium sized enterprises, start-ups and companies like you to remain competitive and focused.

Our Malaysia corporate services are as follows;

Company secretary-retainer


Every company is required by the Companies Act 1965 to have at least one licensed Company Secretary who must be appointed by the directors. The first secretary must be named in the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and he will be responsible to prepare for the company’s incorporation. That is why you cannot incorporate a company with the SSM on your own, but must instead do it through a Company Secretary like us.

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Provision of nominee director/shareholder/agent

Whilst there is no legal requirement to appoint a local director, a foreign director is required to have residential address in Malaysia. Where it is not practical for a foreign director to provide address in Malaysia (because he does not live in Malaysia) we can provide nominee director services. Nominee services will only be provided upon satisfaction of due diligence exercise.

Statutory compliance of a Sdn. Bhd. company

All Sendirian Berhad companies are required to comply with a number of statutory requirements. The benefit of hiring a company secretarial firm like us is that you do not have to handle nor worry much about all these compliances. We do it for you so that you can concentrate on what’s more important to you; your business.

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Registered address/virtual office/serviced office

When you engage CS360 to register your Sdn. Bhd. company, provision of registered address is included as a package and payable annually and in advance.

Virtual and serviced office can be provided by a number of suppliers below. Whilst we consider them to be reputable and many of our clients are using their services, we are neither their agent nor make any representation on their services.

De-registration, striking off and winding up of a Sdn. Bhd. company

There are 3 ways how you can terminate a company. Either way, the result is the same. Once the process is complete, the company cease to exist.

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Trademark registration

Trademark is a sign which distinguishes your company’s goods and services from those of another. Used as a marketing tool to differentiate your products, it includes words, logos, pictures, names, letters, numbers or their combination. For example the YouTube, Google and Volkswagen logos.

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Document drafting and vetting

Currently these services are provided by a third party. Please write in giving details of the services you need.

Website and domain registration/Search engine optimization

Currently these services are provided by a third party. Please write in giving details of the services you need.