Foreign corporations are allowed by the Companies Act to incorporate a Sendirian Berhad company as a subsidiary. 100% foreign shareholding is allowed too unless the business you want to conduct is prohibited by the Government from being fully owned by a foreign entity. For example hypermarket retail like Walmart where 30% local equity participation is required.

The most commonly used vehicle for business, it is a company where the liability of the members are limited to the amount of shares they own. It cannot offer its shares to the public and its shareholders must not be more than 50. Having separate legal personality, the company is allowed to do such acts like opening bank account or acquiring property. What are required to open a Sendirian Berhad company are;

  1. Minimum 2 shareholders,
  2. Minimum 2 Directors, and
  3. One Company Secretary (which will be us)


You can choose our company incorporation packages depending on your needs. They are;

  1. Sdn. Bhd. subsidiary + Nominee Directors – If you are not  relocating anybody here or,
  2. Sdn. Bhd. subsidiary + Immigration Pass – If after the incorporation, you are relocating with your family or bringing in expatriate personnel to work in the company.