About Us

HMR Konsultan Sdn Bhd is a Brunei registered private limited company, established in September 2014, majority owned by HMR Trust Ltd. Drawing from the wealth of expertise of its parent company, HMR Konsultan emerges to service the needs of the growing domestic market.

Like our parent company, we are based in Bandar Seri Begawan and our core business activities are corporate management services with a focus to serve our local and overseas clients with the establishment and management of their Brunei commercial entities. Our business advisory section is led by our two key executives who have between them over 35 years of combined exposure in the international financial services industry.


Dato Paduka Mohd Alimin Wahab sits on the board of HMR Konsultan. He has had over 40 years experience holding a number of senior positions in government and private sectors including acting as chairman of Royal Brunei Airlines from 1998 to 2001. On his retirement he was appointed as CEO of Petroleum Brunei until 2003. He is also the executive director of our parent company since March 2004.

He is also actively involved with Pusat Ehsan, a local charitable organisation dedicated in giving support to special needs children and their parents, serving as senior trustee on its Board of Trustees. As a seasoned golfer he will not miss any opportunity to hit the greens at least once a week with his contemporaries and clients.

Dato Alimin holds BA (London) and MA (Sussex), United Kingdom.

Dato Alimin

Sukor Ashak has been appointed as director of the Company and he is primarily responsible for the business development and advisory work. He has been working in the international financial services industry since 2000, including a 7 year stint with one of the largest trust companies in Labuan. Sukor also heads the business development department in HMR Trust. He holds a Diploma in Banking and BA (Hons) Business Administration from UiTM, Malaysia.

Passionate about rugby, he dedicates his spare time coaching teams and refereeing rugby tournaments in the country as well as in regional competitions.

Sukor Ashak

Khairul A. Khairuddin is a partner of HMR Konsultan and he was instrumental behind the Company’s set up, promoting business diversification for the parent company to venture into the domestic market. Khairul cofounded HMR Trust in Nov 2000 and he is currently the managing director of the parent company. He holds LL B (Hons) from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom and a member of Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP) since 2006.

An avid sailor holding an ASA certification, he likes to be on the water every weekend with his 3 daughters around the Brunei Bay.


Our Services

Local Needs

HMR Konsultan has a team of specialists dedicated to providing a full spectrum of corporate management services that includes:-

  • formation of Brunei companies
  • corporate secretarial and administration services
  • bookkeeping and accounting services
  • full management services with serviced office facilities, including tailored services for trade support activities.


Our team covers all aspect of the formation and day-to-day management of Brunei companies. We assist our clients to meet their statutory obligations and corporate compliance by organising the directors’ and shareholders’ meetings, draft appropriate minutes and resolutions, prepare and review all the necessary instruments, maintenance of statutory and accounting records and management of bank accounts. We will act as intermediary for our clients, working with auditors and tax consultants on the filing of financial statements and tax returns with the relevant authorities.

We can advise our clients on matters relating to general or specific business consultancy, including, but not limited to company management, human resources and back-office administration.


Your Gateway For International Trade

Brunei is strategically located to serve the economies in the region. For this reason, Brunei transpires to become an international financial centre and in July 2000, the country introduced the ‘dual jurisdiction’ registry system to facilitate cross-border business activities using ‘tax-exempt’ corporate entities known as International Business Companies (IBCs). Quite simply, an IBC may be established to trade offshore or to hold investments outside of Brunei. Whether for trading or for assets management, with careful planning, by utilising Brunei’s one-stop corporate facilities may mitigate certain risks, optimise operational cost and enhance your investment performance abroad. At HMR Konsultan we offer integrated corporate management services and can facilitate the IBC set ups for you through our parent company.

When there is a need to expand your business away from home, you will obviously look for a trusted partner who is reliable, a professional intermediary who has access to global specialist service providers and who can provide you with multi-jurisdictional solutions tailored specifically to meet your objectives. Thanks to our parent company’s extensive network and contacts in the region and beyond, HMR Konsultan is in a position to assist and respond to your needs for advice, whether for a basic company setup or a more intricate structure in a ‘tax efficient’ jurisdiction.


To find out more about any of our services, please contact us at

HMR Konsultan Sdn Bhd
Britannia House
44, 4th Floor, Jalan Cator
Bandar Seri Begawan BS8811
Brunei Darussalam

Tel: +673 222 0676
Fax: +673 222 0648

Website: http://www.hmrtrust.com.bn