Representative and Regional Office are not a corporation that you incorporate, but a mere office set up to represent the head foreign corporation or organisation.

  1. The establishment does not require incorporation under the Companies Act.
  2. They are established by making the application with the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).
  3. They are established to perform permissible activities on behalf of the parent and represent it.
  4. Representative Office collects information on investment opportunities in the country, enhance bilateral trade relations, promote export of Malaysian goods and services and carry out research and development.
  5. Regional Office serves as regional coordination centre and is responsible for the designated activities within the region it operates.
  6. They cannot undertake any commercial activities and only represents their head office or principal to undertake designated functions.
  7. It is completely funded from sources outside Malaysia.


Duration of Establishment

  1. Company and other institution – Minimum 2 years depending on the merits of each case.
  2. Government and Trade Association – Duration is based on applicant’s requirement.


Conducting research or gathering intelligence on investment and business opportunities in Malaysia and the region. engaged in trading, business or commercial activity.
Planning or coordinating business activities. Lease warehousing facilities.
Identifying sources of raw materials, components or other products. Sign business contract on behalf of the foreign corporation or provide services for a fee.
Undertake research or product development. Participate in the daily management of any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or branches in Malaysia.
Act as a coordination centre for the corporation's affiliates, subsidiaries or agents in the region.


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