Thank you for taking time to visit our website. Herein you will learn more about Corporate Service360. My name is Ahmad and I am the founder of CorporateService360. I am one of the persons to contact if you need more information or you need to engage us in providing corporate services.

CorporateService360 is not an entity. It is a trading name or a platform for a group of like-minded professionals wishing to offer corporate services for customers doing business in Malaysia. Services offered includes but not limited to company registration and incorporation, application of work visas and employment passes, taxation and accounting services, corporate secretarial services, as well as offshore incorporation.

The corporate services are provided by fully-qualified professionals from legal, secretarial, tax and accounting backgrounds. Our team of specialists comprises of qualified company secretaries, company incorporation specialists, qualified accountants and tax agents, as well as offshore company formation specialists. The services are offered by a number of “member companies”. Initially all member companies are based in Malaysia, but plan is underway to open “chapter” for other countries.

All Malaysian business entities, locally or foreign owned are subject to strict compliance rules. Thus, only qualified professionals are able to attend to the compliance requirements. We are ready to assist you in this compliance, leaving you with significant time to manage your own business and above all, peace of mind, knowing that all your compliance matters are attended to.

In providing our services we strive to create value and deliver cost effective and excellent services to our clients. We are also guided by overriding compliance and best practice principles common in our industries. Such principles more often than not require us to place professionalism and ethical integrity above all else in accepting our clients.

We have been in corporate services for more than a decade now. It has been challenging but nevertheless interesting and rewarding. I hope that you too will find your corporate journey interesting and rewarding.

Corporate services are offered by the following member companies;

  1. Law & Commerce Consulting Sdn Bhd.Formation of Sdn Bhd company
    Secretarial services for Sdn Bhd company
    Registered address & administration for Sdn Bhd company
  1. Hasnan & Co.
    Accounting for Sdn Bhd and Labuan companies
    Taxation for Sdn Bhd company, expatriates and Malaysian individuals
    GST for Malaysian business
  1. Offshore4Asia Ltd.
    Formation of offshore companies in 20++ offshore jurisdictions
    On-going administration and secretarial services
  1. Law & Commerce Trust Limited
    Formation of Labuan Company
    Secretarial services for Labuan Company
    Registered address and administration
  1. Offshore4Asia Corporate Services FZE (UAE)
    Formation of Ras Al Khaimah International Business Company
    Secretarial & administration
    Opening bank account in Dubai
  1. Law & Commerce Consulting Sdn Bhd.
    Company management regulated by the Company Commission of Malaysia with two secretaries licensed by the Company Commission of Malaysia.
  1. Hasnan & Co.
    Advisory company who partners are members of and approved by Malaysian Institute of Accountants.
  1. Offshore4Asia Ltd.
    Incorporated in Labuan and qualified as intermediaries for a number of registered agents.
  1. Law & Commerce Trust Limited
    Licensed as a Trust Company by Labuan FSA
  1. Offshore4Asia Corporate Services FZE (UAE)
    Licensed as registered agent by Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority

All member companies/officers of member companies are either considered as reporting institution for the purpose of anti-money laundering legislation or bound by laws to report suspicion of money laundering and terrorist financing. Member companies strive not to let themselves or their services to be abuse for money laundering and terrorism financing.